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Kirkland, Washington

The Challenge

One of the most important aspects of keeping healthcare facilities safe is proper hand hygiene implementation. EvergreenHealth is located in Kirkland, Washington and sees between 10,000 and 15,000 patient admissions yearly. With over 300 beds and 48 specialty practices, it’s no wonder they are considered a leading independent watchdog organization on hospital quality and safety. EvergreenHealth has achieved a grade “A” Leapfrog rating and over 10 awards and recognitions for patient safety and hospital care. 

Shared items such as stethoscopes, iPads, and mobile phones, are at risk of bacterial cross-contamination when not properly sanitized. EvergreenHealth also has multiple departments, some of which include patients who are highly immunocompromised. Also, many staff use a mobile app (ie; Voalte) as a communication tool that is used with shared mobile devices. Finding a way to integrate technology into standard healthcare safety practices was a major goal for EvergreenHealth. 

Figure 1: CleanSlate UV Near Silver Tower Floor

The Deployment

In late 2019, EvergreenHealth first deployed 10 CleanSlate UV sanitizers in their critical care spaces. Many of the staff found it to be the best and most effective way to help with hand hygiene. With the help of generous funds, EvergreenHealth was able to expand the deployment so that every location in the facility would have access to a CleanSlate. This expanded their current fleet to include all departments such as emergency, operating rooms, Silver Tower patient floors, NICU and pulmonary clinics.

Currently, EvergreenHealth has over 60 units across several departments and auxiliary clinics. These units help promote device and hand sanitization, along with education. By sanitizing their phones in a 20-second, UV-C light CleanSlate cycle, they can help reduce the spread of pathogens that can cause common hospital acquired infections (HAIs). 

Figure 2: CleanSlate UV Ready to Sanitize Staff Devices
“We have really seen a positive shift in increasing facility hygiene among our staff with CleanSlates. Staff and patients feel safer knowing that we are using advanced technology and encouraging hand hygiene for their safety." 
EvergreenHealth Staff Member

The Impact

EvergreenHealth is CleanSlate UV’s largest connected deployment. This means that every CleanSlate is equipped with our intelligent sanitization software, CleanCloud, whereby users can monitor device cycle trends, usage data, and receive maintenance alerts in real-time. 

EvergreenHealth sees close to 98,000 CleanSlate cycles per year or just over 8,000 per month. This accounts for approximately 14,000 devices sanitized every month! By using CleanSlates, EvergreenHealth also saves an average of about 1,900 pounds of chemical wipes from entering landfills per year. The highest usage rates are seen in their main entrances, helping to elevate infection prevention and control efforts.  

Figure 3: Infographic of EvergreenHealth's CleanSlate UV Successes

Our UV sanitizers come with mounted hand sanitizers and touchless-removal features, so users can retrieve their sanitized items with clean hands. Encouraging hand hygiene is the first step to a safer workplace and continued success in patient care. Staff use the CleanSlates on all their devices and hard non-porous items before going home, to ensure their family is not at risk of any bacterial contamination.  

EvergreenHealth is not just a single department; it is the whole package. They have the full solution and data to help make the best healthcare safety decisions for staff and visitors. CleanSlate UV has allowed EvergreenHealth to target highly populated areas with device sanitization solutions, reduce cross-contamination and ultimately increase hand hygiene for utmost patient safety.   

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