CleanSlate UV in 2022: A Year In Review

t’s been a remarkable year for CleanSlate UV! We’ve expanded our product line, achieved new partnerships, and added many new clients. Our team has worked hard to deliver the best solutions and services. 

One of our biggest accomplishments this year was the unveiling of our new product, the CleanSlate Versa at APIC 2022, which has been well-received by healthcare providers and industry experts alike. The wall-mounted solution has helped us further diversify our product line and allow for more access to device sanitizers in hospitals and healthcare settings. We’ve also raised the bar for providing intelligent solutions in healthcare, expanding our software offering, CleanCloud, by an overwhelming 6x more customers and counting since its launch last year! That is an incredible number of facilities utilizing the platform for remote monitoring and data analysis of their UV-C sanitizers. 

In addition to launching our new product, we also received regulatory clearance from Health Canada. This approval supports the claims we make and follows the footsteps of our motto; “Science first, with evidence-based research.” We’re excited to be the first and only rapid UV-C sanitizer in the market to be granted this approval, which marks a significant milestone for our company! 

In support of a science-first approach, our team established the first ever CleanSlate Customer Advisory Board, hosting several sessions throughout the year. Comprised of CleanSlate customer champions and industry experts, the newly formed Board serves as an integral part of helping us create value-based products and services for our customers. 

Our team has been active in the tradeshow circuit this year, attending a total of 10 local chapter and national events in both the United States and Canada. From APIC to AONL, these events have helped us to showcase our products and say hello to some familiar faces. We’ve even had fun making some video content (AONL & APIC) during these events in collaboration with our new industry partner, Intellego Technologies! 

To further support our growth and customer demand, we also launched our own e-commerce store this year. This has allowed us to sell some of our products direct to customers, which has helped to increase our revenue, lower sales cycle time, and reach a wider audience. 

Overall, it’s been a successful and exciting year for CleanSlate UV! We’ve made significant progress in product development and market expansion. Thank you to our team for their hard work and dedication, and to our customers for their support. Here’s to a successful 2023! 

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