Case Study

Ensuring Pathogens Don't Spread on NICU Devices.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) are one of the most sensitive areas of any hospital. 

They have strict infection control protocols, including hand hygiene, to prevent the spread of pathogens. 

But many NICUs struggle with one vector of transmission: cell phones, tablets and other staff & visitor devices.

This document will review:

  • The challenges faced by a leading hospital system in Western NY.
  • How CleanSlate UV enabled an immediate 100% reduction in VRE, MRSA and other pathogens.
  • Over 72% staff and visitor sanitization compliance rate over eight week pilot.
  • 66% less time vs a chemical wipe process to properly disinfect
parent taking photo of NICU baby
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Clean Hands Should Touch
Germ-Free Devices.

Empower Staff & Visitors to Sanitize
Devices in Just 20 Seconds

Fast and simple.
No training required.

Proven to inactivate 99.9998% of MRSA without pre-cleaning.

Touch-free device removal that enables proper hand hygiene.

No chemicals and no damage to sensitive touchscreens.

Highlighted Applications

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