Case Study

Make Smarter Hygiene Decisions

From Usage Insights to Maintenance Alerts, the CleanCloud Platform can take your device hygiene efforts to the Next Level.

This document will review:

  • How the CleanCloud Platform is used for Actionable Reporting and Fleet Management 
  • Increase Devices Sanitized by 7x through data analytics and insights
  • Save 8+ hours  of weekly maintenance time through real time reporting and alerts
  • Improve Hand Hygiene Events by 2x  with CleanCloud IoT integrations 
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Clean Hands Should Touch
Germ-Free Devices.

Empower Staff & Visitors to Sanitize
Devices in Just 20 Seconds

Fast and simple.
No training required.

Proven to inactivate 99.9998% of MRSA without pre-cleaning.

Touch-free device removal that enables proper hand hygiene.

No chemicals and no damage to sensitive touchscreens.

Highlighted Applications

CleanSlate UV sanitizers have been deployed across a range of industries. Click to explore.