October 2022 Newsletter

Video Testimonial | Versa Feature Highlights | Customer Spotlight

Customer Testimonials

When we started CleanSlate UV, one of our goals was to help make a positive impact in hospitals & patient care. Our team is overjoyed with the meaningful change we’ve helped create at many facilities.

We recently asked one of our earliest customers at Sunnybrook to share their experience in front of the camera. And we want to share it with you!

“Our team has had CleanSlate UV since 2017, and we absolutely love it” – Sherri Sulllivan, Pharmacist & Management.

“Can I get Covid-19 and the Flu simultaneously?”

Studies show that a multi-infected patient is more likely to suffer from harsher respiratory symptoms and reduced virus-fighting antibodies. Dr. J. Kenneth Baillie, Professor of Experimental Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, says, “Whatever happens, hospitals are already busy worldwide with COVID-19 still circulating and are fully expecting with the flu that more patients will require intensive care, so I think it will be a difficult winter for hospitals and ICUs.”

The CleanSlate Versa: New Powerful UV Technology

A new product in our powerful UV-C infection prevention product line has been unveiled. With a more compact design, you can implement device sanitization protocol into any area of your facility. The product can disinfect multiple devices within 20 seconds, has efficient UV technology, and added intelligence.

Moreover, with your choice of signage, lighting and casings, the Versa can merge with any facility branding.

⚕️ Customizable HD Display

⚕️ Long-lasting UV Bulbs (Up to 100,000 cycles)

⚕️ Smart Device Analytics & Maintenance Alerts

Customer Spotlight

Ranked as the #2 Best Children’s Hospital in the USA, Texas Children’s Hospital continues to brighten each child’s day with excellent care! #ThankYou

However, as they expanded the use of mobile devices in an effort to improve patient care, it often became difficult to properly keep them clean and effectively sanitized.

Since 2018, they have deployed 10+ CleanSlate sanitizers in areas like NICU, PACU, and Surgery as a means to help sanitize staff devices and keep vulnerable NICU patients safe. Just look at the impact they’ve made so far!

  • Over 500,000 devices sanitized
  • Over 6,000 lbs of wipes saved from landfill
  • 100% smiles across children’s families

We have seen such positive reception around the CleanSlates! Our team loved it so much that we continue to expand it throughout the facility like surgery.​

Texas Children's Hospital

CleanSlate UV History

Founded in 2014, CleanSlate UV is celebrating over 8 years in the UV-C industry!

With continuous growth, we have held firm in the face of many new global challenges, but we are not done yet. Our mission remains to be a global leader in device sanitization. Nevertheless, we continue our journey to provide intelligent solutions to help stop the spread of bacteria on mobile devices.

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